Ab Towney
Ab Towney

Lived ‘up the top’ of the Common with his parents, brothers and sisters. Ab used to work from a young age to help provide for his family while his father was away working in the shearing sheds. Ab clearly remembers having to run and swim across the Macquarie River to hide in the willow trees from the Welfare Board at a young age.

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  • stephen taylor says:

    A great man loved by all his people. A true leader.

  • Shirley Taylor says:

    Wow Uncle Ab, it was so nice to listen to you talk about when you were young with your brothers and sisters. It made me cry a little.
    I wish mum would of told me more storys about when she was growing up. I would love to hear some things you all did as children. And storys of nan and pop.Maybe you could wright some things down. Thank you Uncle. Take care love you. Xxxx

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